Hermco Counterweight Systems – Product Warranty of 500,000 cycles.

– Maximum Face weight 400 lbs | Max Height: 8ft 4″ – Please call for doors outside these parameters – Super High Cycle Operations 6 ft – 8 ft Condominiums, Office Towers, & Gated Parkade Installations.

Introducing the Hermco 2000 Series Gravity Powered Counterweight system , a revolutionary garage door system designed for underground parking areas in condominiums, office towers, apartment buildings or any application that require secure and high cycling operations.

On average the garage doors which allows access to these areas cycle up and down approximately 100,000 times per year, which is a lot of activity. The Hermco 2000 has traveled over 3 million cycles without a repair to the system and is still going strong.

Technical Drawings:

Hermco 2000 Series Technical Drawings

What makes our 2000 Series Gravity Powered Garage Counterweight System better?

Hermco Counterweight Systems Our newly engineered counterweight system maintains even tension on all parts of the door as it cycles up and down, therefore eliminating problems associated with wound systems.

The counterweight system maintains a unidirectional force on the shaft, resulting in a smooth operation. (Wound systems create angular forces and therefore side-to side motion)

  • Supporting the shaft are precision made bearings, which are mounted in a cast housing for greater durability.
  • A grooved disc with a sealed bearing fastens the lift cable securely, preventing it from fraying as the door pivots upward to open. This design replaces a singular pin in conventional systems.
  • We use the very best certified 19 x 7 non-rotating 302 stainless steel cable. This cable is manufactured in the United States to specific specification (See our warranty and use only Hermco supplied cable).
  • 76mm-6202 precision sealed bearings with a VHMW tire is used instead of rollers, for a quieter and smoother operation.
  • Galvanized steel end caps and plates, which hold the door panels are a new design feature, which adds strength and prevent distortion (flexing) from occurring.
  • Heave duty zinc- plated hinges are used for secure fastening of the upper and lower assemblies.
  • A double roller arm with a greater swing radius makes for a smooth operation when the door is pivoting upwards.

The Hermco 2000 Series gravity powered garage door Counterweight System typically requires a minimum of 10 inches of side room and 13 inches of headroom for proper operation. Your Unique Resource

Your Unique Resource
Your Unique Resource