No Drinks Displayed At The Bar?

Hermco To The Rescue

A major hotel in Chicago required an answer to a vexing question. How to lift massive glass 2 leaf windows up and into the ceiling to open up the mirrored, double sided bar display, Only 12″ of head room above the structure for mechanicals, no room for counterweights (that must not be seen) and bottom leaf 2 tobe times the speed of the top leaf, to be open at the same time.

The contractors & design team were now under the gun with multiple rejects from suppliers that would not assist in a solution, reputations and jobs were on the line ( and lost).

When the trade recommended that the team ask Hermco for help, we were obliged to get involved.

The Hemco Solution

Hermco balanced the 500 lb double glass leafs and puts the counterweights inside remote and very narrow existing columns via slave pulleys on tracking arms.

After constant changes, before and after delivery the installed Hermco System begins its job!

It works! It works! (from installers) and with additional upgrades to cover the site changes, the 8 glass doors lift in unison & disappear, no mechanicals or weights in view.

Raise a glass to toast Hermco!