Hermco Garage Door Counterweight Systems have been around for many years. Our concept was conceived to eliminate the need to replace broken or fatigued springs and eliminate the ongoing need for service calls, which is very costly over the life span of high cycle garage doors.

Our engineering group has made many significant changes to improve the overall efficiency of the opening and closing of extreme service overhead garage doors.  The Hermco Counterweight System utilizes a set of patented winding drums with counterweights on each side of the door, providing the best lifting and closing system on the market today.

After you compare, we know you will agree.

  • Hermco Counterweight Systems are designed to install on new or existing garage doors.
  • Suitable for special requirements such as low head room, areas of high heat or humidity.
  • Applicable for High-Cycling doors such as Apartment Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Commercial Units, Shipping Bays, Car Wash applications, Class A Single Residential, Low-Rise Residential, Condominium Buildings, Critical Entry Systems, Security Entry Systems, and more.

Our specially designed drums compensate for changes in door weight as the sections move to the horizontal (open) position.


Keeping the installers and of course the public safe were major concerns during the design stages. Minimal lifting is required in the assembly stages, specially positioning of the weights. After the installation is complete the mechanism is housed in a protective cover providing a clear uninterrupted vertical path for the weights to travel.


If you have noticed or seen a counterweight system, you will appreciate the smoothness of the movement and the extreme durability of the system. Some of our systems have been in operation for many years without repair since the day they were installed.

Each Hermco Counterweight System carries a limited 5 year warranty. (See our warranty page) We are confident that each Hermco installation will long out live your expectations.

The superior design and engineering of Hermco products result in dramatic improvements in lifespan with overall number of life cycles attained thus reducing annual maintenance and repair cost while increasing safety, enhanced security and making your garage quieter are all benefits of an installed Hermco Counterweight System.